Monday, 2 December 2013

Bump Pic! 22 Weeks 1 Day!

You can't see from this photo, but this week I'm still battling against my bad skin this week and It's really getting me down.

I was off to a family member's 50th wedding anniversary and spent the majority of the time feeling super self conscious.

I asked for help on Twitter for any natural remedies or possible causes  of my flare ups (In terms of them coming and going) and one of the things suggested was that the flare ups could be due to the time in which the baby's sexual organs are developing more.

Sounds plausible to me, and I was told that this stage of growth with those particular hormones should settle by around week 25. I don't know how true this may  or may not be, I guess only time will tell.

I'm off on holiday to Cyprus for a week for a BabyMoon with the Mr, so took Friday off work to pack and prepare. I can't wait! In desperate need of some R&R! 

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