Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt

Growing a baby is hard work and as it gets bigger, its gets pretty blooming heavy!

I have found myself on the waddle home from work, cradling my lower tummy as if trying to hold it up to help combat the weight of baby within!

It does look a bit odd, and I quickly got fed up of both the looks, and trying to carry my bag while trying to carry my belly too!

I’d heard about support belts and thanks to a bit of googling quickly came across a brand called Cantaloop, who specialise in maternity lingerie and sell a pregnancy belt.

Ok so the name did it for me, Cantaloop- it made me think of a big, sweet juicy melon and that made me smile as that’s basically my bump! Big and sweet! (Well, to me anyway... )

I decided to give their belt a go, unsure of what to expect.

Their support belt is designed to support your belly and back, offer warmth, comfort and expands as your belly grows.

The majority of the support comes from a thicker band around the back of the product, while the front is soft and silky, gently cradling your tummy.

I cannot express just how comfy this belt is to wear!

I just pop it on under my clothes and thanks to its seamless design, it feels like I’m not wearing it. It’s so soft and smooth against your skin that you can’t seen any lines under your clothes either!

I’ve found the support it’s offered my lower back amazing and it keeps me nice and warm which helps to ease my sore and tired muscles.

I’ve actually got one in every colour now and for £13.30, I’ve found it’s worth its weight in gold!

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