Thursday, 5 September 2013

I Never Knew This! : Free Prescriptions In UK When You Are Pregnant!

I never knew that when you are pregnant, you are entitled to receive free NHS prescriptions in the UK!
That said, there’s no reason why I would know, I've never been pregnant before!

It was on one of my trips to my GP when  I was suffering with my morning sickness that I was told that if I filled in a form at reception, that I would received a NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate  in the post which I could use for the duration of my pregnancy and up until the baby is 1 year old!


You'll receive one of these in the post. I've removed my Certificate Number for privacy reasons!

Granted, that won’t be much use until after the baby is born as I hope to not need any prescription medication in my pregnancy, but for a year after is brilliant!

Yes, it’s the little things for me, but I never knew pregnant women were entitled to this, so in case you didn't either, now you do!

You can read more about the NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate Here.


  1. You get free dental treatment too! The joys of being pregnant...hehehe :) x

    1. Ive just been told this too! WOW the GP could have told me this! That said, i have a private dentists so dont think it'll work :-( x