Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Essential One Maternity Nursing Pjyamas

There is quite literally nothing more important to me right now than comfort.

As my bump grows, so do my list of ailments, aches and pains! (Don’t worry, I’ll bore you about these in another post!)

My favourite part of the day is getting home from work, indulging in a bath and slipping into some super comfy pyjamas.

My favourite, super comfy Maternity Nursing PJ’s come from The Essential One.

These nursing pyjamas are a joy to get into of an evening!

Unlike regular PJ’s, the top is super long in length, allowing me to make sure my whole bump is neatly snuggled within its soft fabric! It has a hidden top lining and nursing clips/straps which will be perfect for when bump becomes baby so I can breastfeed with ease too.

The bottoms are long and voluminous, something that I love!

They are elasticised at the top and fit neatly and comfortably under my bump. They have two big, deep pockets on the side which I like to fill with sweet treats of an evening, out of sight of the hubby, but when baby is here I imagine they’ll be full of baby paraphernalia!

These PJ’s are available in two colour ways from The Essential One, the pretty pink stripy one that I have and a cool blue one.

Both sets are available from The Essential One,  retail at £29.99 each and are worth their weight in gold.

Mnnn, I can’t wait to get home and snuggle down into mine now!

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