Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bump Pic! 27 Weeks 6 Days!

This week has proved itself to be really boring and un-eventful.

I'm feeling quite big now, heavy and tired so work is beginning to become a drag, ESPECIALLY the commute!

Maternity leave still feels like its a long way off (I'll be 34 weeks when I go) and I sometimes find myself wondering how on earth I'm going to keep going until then!

Indeed, I felt so uncomfortable on Sunday evening, that despite being sat around in my PJ's and it being about 9pm in the evening, I drove around to my parents house.

I really wanted a cuddle and was feeling emotional. They only live around the corner so it's not like I had far to go, I just wanted a hug!

Heartburn is really starting to blight my life at the moment, nothing that I do seems to help and I'm spending a fortune on Gaviscon, which is revolting!

I'm thinking about speaking to my GP to ask if there is anything stronger than Gaviscvon that I can take to help ease the pain, maybe then I'd feel a bit more comfortable.

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  1. Wow ur carrying so much like I did with Caitlin. I'm super super low and feel tiny with this lil one. Ask the doc for omeprazole tablets they gave me co magaldrox medicine which is like gaviscon but twice as gross n it did nothing but the tablets work like a dream I don't get any heartburn now x