Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bump Pic! 21 Weeks 1 Day!

I know this sounds stupid as clearly I've been pregnant for the past 20 weeks, but I'm really starting to feel pregnant now.

My bump looks like a proper bump, I'm finally just over 1/2 way through my pregnancy and I'm starting to get really excited about what's to come!

Nothing much else to report this week, all been a little quiet!

Baby B isn't moving too much, or perhaps I just can't feel him/her which is more likely I think.

I find myself spending a lot of time stroking my tummy, it makes me feel closer to whoever is in there! Its weird, so many people who are due around the same time as me have chosen to find out the gender of their baby.

They are already referring to them as 'him', 'her' and in some cases, by the name they've chosen for them.

I have no idea if our baby is a girl or a boy and maybe it still feel less 'real' for now, for that reason.

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