Monday, 13 January 2014

Baby B's Baby Shower!

At 31 weeks exactly I had my Baby Shower!

It wasn’t going to be a huge deal or a massive event, I just wanted it to be the chance to get together with some of my girlie friends and family before the baby arrived!

I held it at my home and with the help of my mum, sister and mother in law, we had a lovely afternoon full of yummy food, cute baby related games and plenty of giggles!

I chose a neutral theme with the decorating , as we don’t know if we’re team Pink or Blue, by opting for a range of products from a brand called Ginger Ray, called Rock-A-Bye Baby, which was super cute!

My mum and sister made the most AMAZING cake pops, many of which I added to my guest’s party bags when they left as they were so popular!

My sister did an amazing job with baby games! We had a ‘guess the gender’ with pink and blue bonbons in a jar, ‘Guess the size of mums tum’, ‘Guess how many jelly babies there are in a jar’ and ‘Guess the due date’!

It was really laid back and fun and I received some extremely gorgeous and cute gifts for Baby B, all of which I can’t wait to get to use!

My dress was from ASOS Maternity by the way and is currently in the sale.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bump Pic! 31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks pregnant and I had my Baby Shower! 

(I’ll tell you all about this in a separate post and keep this weekly update as an update or it’ll be super long!)

What I will tell you is one of the lovely gifts I received at my Baby Shower was a pregnancy/birthing ball.

Its  basically an exercise ball and I'm in love! Sitting, standing or laying for any period of time, in any position has started to become really uncomfortable, but I can bounce away on my birthing ball for hours and Its so comfy.

My ball came with a leaflet recommending other ways you can use it and various positions that are comfortable to sit and get yourself into while pregnant, as well as positions which are best to help get baby into an optimum position for birth, and as Baby B is transverse, I've been doing these every evening!

With every week that goes by work is becoming more and more of a chore and around 3pm every day I am finding myself in need of a nap, as I sit at my desk feeling like a zombie that could drop off at any point!

I took Friday off work for this very reason, I’m so tired and run down and truly couldn't face another days worth of commuting this week. On the plus side, only 10 working days left before maternity leave!

Baby B moves constantly now and has the hiccups ALL THE TIME! Its cute, but can get really annoying when you’re trying to lay quietly and can just feel these re-occuring pulses in your tummy, which are getting pretty strong now!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Theraline The Original Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

There aren’t many products out there that I would say that you really need in pregnancy.

Sure, there are lots that are nice to have, like lovely yummy lotions and potions, new clothes, a nice new set of comfy PJ’s etc, but this product I really would recommend as a must have.

Theraline’s Original pregnancy and nursing pillow has been by my side every night since around 20 weeks. It’s become my best friend and without it, I’d be totally lost.

Did I mention this pillow can also be used once your little one arrives to help make nursing more comfy?

Oh yes, this pillow has more than one use!

The pillow itself is made up of millions of tiny, feather light micro beads which help to make the pillow malleable and allows it to conform to the shape of your body, whatever position you’re in.

Because it’s full of beads, it won’t ‘deflate’ after you've been laying on it for a while, or need plumping up like regular pillows can which would disturb your sleep and become really annoying.

Instead, it retains a constant level of support.

I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn't be able to get comfy in bed now without it.

It gives my bump, hips and legs the support that they really need and I have found, also stops me from rolling onto my back too much in my sleep, a position which isn't recommended due to the weight of baby resting on your stomach.

I place my pillow on its side, lay behind it, wrap my legs around one end of the pillow, rest my bump on the middle and snuggle into it. The relief I feel getting into bed and relaxing with this pillow is immeasurable!

I chose the pretty Little Yellow Flowers design for my pillow, but Theraline have a range of different designs and colours available, all of which are anti-allergenic, warm and breathable.

Now obviously, as Baby B isn’t here just yet, I can’t comment on its use as a nursing pillow, but rest assured as soon as I can, I’ll update!

Theraline’s range of pregnancy and nursing pillows are available from their website and cost £44.95 each.

(It’ll be the best £45 you’ll spend in a long time, I promise you!)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Bump Pic! 30 Weeks 1 Day!

This week I had my Whooping cough vaccine to protect Baby B from catching whooping cough in the first few weeks of his/her life outside my tummy.

The injection itself didn't hurt, but my god My arm felt bruised and sore for about a week afterwards! Still, small price to pay I know for their health!

I've finally succumbed to the dreaded tiredness and uncomfortableness of pregnancy now and I've changed my working hours to allow me to leave before the majority of the rush hour crush!

I now work 8:30-4:30, which has really helped- Leaving that 1 hour earlier means I can take my time getting to the station and tube, and I get home just that little bit earlier too, which I'm really grateful for!

On Thursday this week I went to the VIP re-opening of a Mothercare store on Oxford Street in London, where I met the lovely Myleen Klass who was talking about her range of Baby K clothes for Mothercare.

I felt HUGE stood next to her, so I grabbed a quick piccie then made my excuses and went and stood elsewhere!

I've noticed that I've started to get a pain in the top left hand side of my bump late in the afternoon, and can often feel some part of Baby B bulging from this area!

It feels a bit like a knee perhaps, but it really blooming hurts when he/she decides to move, leaving the top of my bump feeling bruised!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bump Pic! 29 Weeks!

Me and Mr B treated ourselves this weekend and made a trip to Bluewater shopping centre in Kent for a mooch and to see the film Gravity.

The main reason for going was to buy me a new pair of boots, as my feet have got really fat and swollen and I'm struggling to fit my ever expanding trotters into my current boots!

After a shout out on Twitter asking for advice on comfy boots, I was sold on the idea of investing in some Ugg boots.

I say 'Investing' but rather Mr B agreed to purchase these as my crimbo present! (Thanks again!)

I opted for this rather lovely pair, In case you were wondering!

Ugg, Josette

The film Gravity was good too, though I don't think Baby B was a big fan of all the loud noises as he/she squirmed their way through pretty much the whole film, with me needing to take about 4 toilet breaks throughout too!

I will look forward to not having to pee every 20 minutes I have to say!

As for Baby B, I feel him/her move all the time now, especially on my commute to work, which never fails to make me smile!

Me and Mr B sleep in separate rooms now too- between my giant pregnancy pillow and getting up every hour to pee, we thought It was best for both our sanity, to try sleeping separately.

This was at least he has a chance of getting a decent nights sleep! It does feel weird though, saying goodnight and going into different rooms!