Friday, 6 December 2013

Xpanda Bra! The Bra That Grows With You!

One of the most annoying and expensive side effects I’ve found thus far while being pregnant, Is the fact that I’m growing out of my bras every few weeks.

Now, bras, especially nice, comfy ones are not cheap, and its beggaring me having to upsize every few weeks as my bosoms continue on their seemingly, never ending growth spurt!

Where will it end?!

My first Issue is that I was a 34E before I got pregnant, and all big busted ladies out there will know just hard It can be to find pretty, or even practical bras in sizes above a DD on the high street.

Then there’s the price implications. Good bras are not cheap!

So, Imagine my joy when I came across a brand called Xpanda Bra.

Now chances are you’ve already guessed what’s so special about these bras already from their name, and yes, in a nutshell, these bras grow with you.

Xpanda Bra is a revolutionary new maternity nursing bra with individual adjustable cup sizes, so your bra continues to fit your body changes during and after pregnancy.
 AMAZING right.

These side clasps unhook to adjust the cup size!
  This bra is essentially, two in one. Unlike any other bra, you can adjust the cup size to accommodate fluctuating sizes in your breast, either due to pregnancy or breast feeding.

It’s really easy to do, using 3 hook and eye fasteners at the size, you can open up the cup to expand the size, or size down.

Adjust cup size as shown
Seriously, it sounds so simple yet is so effective!

The cups have two layers and are 100% cotton, making them exceptionally soft on your skin and have three hook and eye fasteners on the back, so you can adjust these accordingly to suit your changing shape too.

 The bra is wirelesss for extra comfort, but offers underwire level support, which is great when your boobs may be feeling particularly heavy!

The Xpanda Bra is also fab for nursing too, with no need to open the side cup adjustment after unhooking the maternity clip when breast feeding.

I am now a 36 F/G, which varies from shop to shop, so opted for a 36 F/G Bra.

The 36F currently fits on the smaller cup size, but I know in a few weeks I’ll be letting that bad boy out to accommodate my growing bosoms and it’s REALLY nice to know I won’t have to go and find another bra at that time!

I can also vouch for just how soft and comfortable they feel, giving just the right amount of support without feeling restrictive or tight.

As if all of those things alone weren’t enough to sway you, the Xpanda Bra only costs £28.99, which means you are basically getting two, fab quality bras for under £30!

Head over to the Xpanda Bra website to purchase one and for more info, including how to size yourself correctly!

P.S. Please feel free to thank me  once you’ve experienced the joy that is this bra! 

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