Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bump Pic! 25 Weeks 6 Days!

I had a little fall this week and my god did it scare the hell out of me!

I’d popped out with Mr B and his mum for a coffee in town and slipped on some wet leaves. Thankfully my mother in law was right by my side and managed to grab my arm to stop me from falling completely, and while I was totally fine, once I’d composed myself and initially laughed it off, I then promptly burst into floods of tears. Guess that’s pregnancy hormones for you eh! (But seriously, watch out for wet leaves they’re lethal!)

On a more positive note I finalised my maternity leave dates with HR and my last day will now be Friday 
December 20th, just before crimbo! 40 working days to be precise (Not that i’m counting...) Ok I’m totally counting!

Check out my pup Dexter photo bombing me! (He's not actually a pup, hes 5 1/2!)

We also had our first community midwife appointment this week too. Because my hospital is quite far away, until the baby is born and once he/she is here, I’ll be seeing our local community midwives for my regular appointments, which is more local to me.

I had to give a urine sample and had my blood pressure taken- all fine!

My bump was then measured for the first time. They measure from your knicker line to the top of the bump while you’re laying down, and for 25 weeks and 2 days I was measuring at 26 weeks.

It’s roughly a cm per week pregnant you are, but you can be 2cm out either side and that’s still normal, so all looked good!

Baby’s heart rate was a healthy 150 beats per min and he/she was curled into my hip and decided to give the midwife a little kick when she tried to measure his/her’s heart rate! Cheeky Monkey!


  1. Do you think your hormones got crazier at this time? The last couple of weeks mine have got worse and I seem to be crying at everything and anything!!

    1. I don't know really, hormone wise ive felt on a relatively even keel throughout so far- though I am prone to bouts of inexplicable crying fits, for no discernible reason at all! lol xx