Monday, 10 March 2014

The Shnuggle Moses Basket

One of the most important and necessary item’s you’ll need to buy for your baby is a Moses basket.
Most Moses baskets are generally made of wicker or palm leaves and it’s easy to think that just any basket will do as they’re ‘all the same’.
Well my friends, that’s just not the case.
Yes the traditional Moses baskets have been around for forever and to be fair, have stood the test of time, but it’s worth knowing that sometimes, they’re just not all that great.
They can creak and make noises when baby moves, they can sometimes feel a bit flimsy, the hood rarely ever stays up and they are a nightmare to clean. No, make that nigh on impossible to clean!

Then there’s the Shnuggle Moses basket.
This beautiful basket is made from a strong but flexible, hypoallergenic and easy to clean material that is far safer for your baby and has a ventilated base to ensure a constant flow of fresh air.
It's practically silent when your baby moves around and has a great locking system which means that the hood actually stays up, helping your baby to stay asleep. (Which lets face it, is REALLY important!) It’s also 10% bigger than other baskets which means baby can fit in it for longer.

Made with 100% pure cotton fabrics and available in a range of different colours, it's a warm, cosy and stylish place for your baby to sleep.
It’s a really beautiful looking basket with a base available in 6 shades; Ivory Cream, Pure White, Pebble Grey, Sage Green, Sky Blue and Blossom Pink.

Each basket alone costs £75 or you can opt to buy a basket with a folding stand for £95 or a rocking stand (which I have) for £100.
There is also the option to buy a the basket as part of a really handy starter pack, where you’ll get the basket, stand of your choice and also get 2 fitted sheets and a cellular blanket for £101 or £106, which is actually really reasonable!

I had the Shnuggle starter pack in Sky Blue and with the rocking stand, which by the way has been a god send and I highly recommend!
I place his Shnuggle and stand on our laminate wood flooring and can just gently tap the base of the stand with my foot to make it rock gently, helping Franky off to sleep!
The  Shnuggle rocking stand

While I know that aesthetics are not what you should base a purchase as important as your baby’s first bed on, but the Shnuggle is a really gorgeous basket which I get complimented on all the time.
 Its sleek shape and pretty colours make it an attractive addition to a room rather than a necessary eye sore.
Franky, age approx 1 week enjoying his Shnuggle!

For me, it ticks every box.
It’s a safe, sturdy, hypoallergenic and easy to clean basket with 100% pure cotton fabrics to keep him warm and safe.
The ventilated base allows me to rest easy knowing that he is surrounded by a constant flow of air so he doesn’t overheat.
The hood actually stays up and in place when I decide to use it to shield him from the sun in the day, saving me from constantly having to pull it back in place!
The basket is 10% bigger than other baskets so I’ll get more use out of it.
The helpful sets that Shnuggle offer allow you to purchase everything you’ll need for your baby’s first bed, for a great price, all at once.
It is available in 6 gorgeous colours.
It is a really chic, gorgeous basket unlike the majority of those on the market!

It gets Franky aged approx 8 weeks seal of approval!

So, if you hadn’t yet gathered, It’s safe to say that I’m really thrilled with my Shnuggle.
You can get your Shnuggle from their website now.

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