Tuesday, 24 December 2013

28 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Is Transverse

So Today I am 28 weeks and 3 days preggo and I had another midwife appointment.

I’ve been feeling extremely uncomfortable for about week now and was looking forward to speaking to the midwife to see if this was normal at this stage.

During my examination where she feels the baby, measures my bump and listens to the heartbeat, I made the mistake of asking what position my little on is in. Turns out part of the reason for my discomfort is that Baby B is currently Transverse. 

Cheers Baby!

Basically, it is laying across my tummy horizontally rather than head down, vertically. I have a head in one hip and a bum in another! GAH!

I was pleased as at least I knew my why the sides of my bump felt so uncomfortable, but felt mildly panicked as if the baby stays in this position, I won’t be able to give birth naturally, which terrifies me.

I was re-assured baby still has plenty of time to turn, so I’ll try and stay optimistic and hope that baby gets a wriggle on and moves out of my hips!


  1. Hey hun it's lh86 from babyexpert. Hope u n the other mommas r ok, I'm not on FB so I don't speak to anyone really. My girl was breech at 30 weeks 3 days n now at 34+1 is transverse so hoping she's on the turn. Do not want a c sec no way not when I've got a 4 yr old to run about after! Hope ur all good anyway chick x

  2. Went to the gynae and he told me the same. The head is on the right and the legs are on the left. I'm 26 weeks