Tuesday, 27 August 2013

5 Weeks Pregnant & BLOATED!

Gah! I'm only 5 weeks pregnant but could easily be mistaken for being so much farther long!

Bloat has got me BIG time in week 5 and I'm HUGE!

I mean, I'm not a skinny minny in any event, but usually I can suck my pot belly in, but NO chance of that!

I've started taking Fybogel twice a day as Its safe in pregnancy and is meant to help. 

It tastes like arse but if it works, I'll give it a go!

Mnnn, yummy! (Not!)

This week I've been mainly feeling feeling exhausted to the point of falling asleep at my desk and bloated.

Heartburn gets me every now and then  but it's manageable!

I also found out this week that the hospital that I want to eventually give birth in has accepted me into their care, so I can now expect a letter soon with my first antenatal appointment booked for around week 10 ahead of my scan at week 12!


I also re-tested with my Clear Blue Digital to see if I had progressed from PREGNANT 2-3, which I should have, and low and behold I saw this.

Guess it means everything is happening as it should! (Fingers crossed!)

Did I mention that the number of weeks you are pregnant is actually calculated from the 1st day of your last period? 

Therefore, although you wont actually conceive until at least 2 weeks after your last period (you tend to ovulate around 14 days after your period), this is the way the docs calculate it- so my CBD may say 2-3 weeks pregnant, I am actually (In the eyes of the doctors) 4-5 weeks. Get it? 

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