Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bump Pic! 21 Weeks 1 Day!

I know this sounds stupid as clearly I've been pregnant for the past 20 weeks, but I'm really starting to feel pregnant now.

My bump looks like a proper bump, I'm finally just over 1/2 way through my pregnancy and I'm starting to get really excited about what's to come!

Nothing much else to report this week, all been a little quiet!

Baby B isn't moving too much, or perhaps I just can't feel him/her which is more likely I think.

I find myself spending a lot of time stroking my tummy, it makes me feel closer to whoever is in there! Its weird, so many people who are due around the same time as me have chosen to find out the gender of their baby.

They are already referring to them as 'him', 'her' and in some cases, by the name they've chosen for them.

I have no idea if our baby is a girl or a boy and maybe it still feel less 'real' for now, for that reason.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Battle with Hormonal Cystic Acne In Pregnancy

One of the things I had most looked forward to when becoming pregnant was the ‘glowing skin’ I was told that pregnant women get.

During the time I came off my pill, I suffered terribly with hormonal cystic acne and needed to go onto antibiotics, which I came off when I found out I was pregnant, but by which time my skin had vastly improved.

I got my first real bout of bad, hormonal cystic acne again at around 12 weeks, and it lasted for about 3 weeks.

Luckily I was at home, sick as a dog with my morning sickness, so having to go out and face the world wasn't an issue, and I just hid away and tried to not aggravate my skin as much as possible.

By the time I got to 18 weeks it had come back with a vengeance. I’m talking, 7-8 large, sore, extremely painful under the skin cystic lumps and bumps, all over my chin. But only on my chin.

I tried, everything!

This was me on a relatively good day by the way...

 I looked at my diet and upped my fruit intake and spent weeks blending spinach, avocado and fruits into smoothies to help and feed and repair my skin.

   I tried eating a more alkaline diet as heard that may help.

   I tried bathing my skin in Pink Himalayan rock salt diluted in warm water

 I slapped on savlon, In the hope that its healing properties would clear my skin up.

Nothing worked and eventually I begged my doctor, through streams of tears to prescribe me something, anything that could help!

I had to go to work, but couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror, but was checking my face 100 times a day to see if any new ones had surfaced, I was completely and utterly miserable.

He prescribed me Zineryt, a topical Zinc and Erythromycin lotion that you apply directly onto the area twice a day and is considered safe in pregnancy.

It does say it isn’t a quick fix and can take up to 5 weeks to start working, but I was so happy to just be given something, It didn’t matter.

I used it as stated, twice a day and after about 3 weeks, my skin was so  much better. Yes, for all I know it could have been because whatever hormones were causing the acne had changed, so it went away by itself, or it could have been because of the lotion. I’ll never know.

If you are suffering with terrible acne during your pregnancy, I wholly recommend you speak to your GP, I wish I had sooner, then the weeks I spent it tears feeling like a monster could have been avoided.

I realise that not everyone feels happy about using various forms of medication in pregnancy and its a very personal choice, but for me, the emotional stress of coping with my skin was causing me so much stress and upset, it was a no brainer. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Elemis Japanese Camellia Bodi Oil Blend

On my never ending quest to try and ensure that I don’t end up covered in stretch marks by the time Baby B makes an appearance, I've been trying a HUGE range of lotions, potions, balms and oils.

One of my top five products I can reveal to be Elemis’ Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend.

Containing key ingredients of Camellia Kissi seed oil for its anti ageing and anti oxidant properties, soothing and nourishing sweet almond oil and Vitamin E, this delicious, light weight body oil is a real treat for my bump.

For many centuries camellia oil from Japan has been used for the care of nails, hair, scalp and combination skin, and when massaged into the skin, the light oil is easily absorbed and the rich, plant collagens within help to keep the skin moisturised and supple, thus helping to prevent stretch marks.

It has a very delicate and subtle fragrance, not at all over powering and it is captured within a really rather lovely looking glass bottle, as you can see!

The oil is extremely light, not at all thick or 'oily'!

Now, this may sound daft, but for an oil, it’s not at all oily. It is really light on your skin and is absorbed almost instantly, meaning you aren’t left feeling like you’re one giant oil slick, which is always a bonus!

Your hands are left feeling lovely and soft too after you've applied it!

Elemis’ Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend costs £29 for 100ml and is available from the website Time To Spa. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

The 20 Week Scan & 20 Week Bump Pic!

It finally arrived, the day for my 20 week scan and I was so excited I barely slept a wink the night before!

I was excited mainly, but also If I'm honest, I was pretty damn nervous too. By this point, the sonographer would be able to see if there were any real physical problems or abnormalities with our baby as they would be looking at EVERYTHING in such depth.

I Tried to put my nerves to one side and just be excited about seeing our baby again and see how much he/she has grown!

We've decided to not find out the gender, despite how much I'm desperate to know (I’m extremely impatient) so we were hoping we wouldn't see anything on the scan or that the sonographer wouldn't accident slip up and reveal the sex!

Baby B, doing his/her best to not get a decent shot!

We needn't have worried, and the scan was incredible.

Our baby looked like a proper baby and I was so shocked to see how much they had grown in just 8 weeks!

The scan was really thorough, they checked the function and positioning of the heart, including looking at the arteries in and out of the heart, they checked the stomach, kidneys, bladder and liver too. They measured the skull, the length of the baby and we even got to see it’s little feet, with it’s perfect toes! It was incredible, and everything looked just fine!

We came away on cloud nine and couldn't stop looking at the photo of our little baby, a photo which took almost as long as the appointment to get! Each time the sonographer tried to get a decent profile shot, the little blighter turned it’s head away! 

Guess it’s not a poseur like its mum then! 

In other news, bump is still growing nicely and is looking gradually more and more rounded!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Bump Pic! 19 Weeks!

I feel like Bump has really popped this week and become more rounded! I feel a bit more confident in the way I look now, as I think you can see I am ion fact pregnant, and not just podgy!

I haven’t felt Baby B moving very much since my first flutters last week, apart from one evening when I was laying down and felt what I thought was another flutter.

Thing is, I know that my placenta is anterior and because of that, it will be cushioning some of baby’s movement and kicks, so I may not feel proper movement for a few more weeks yet. Boo!

Skin is still pretty bad, though at the moment (touch wood) I haven’t had any more HUGE ones developing, I’m just working on trying to get rid of the ones that are still plaguing me!

It’s my 20 week scan next week and I am EXTREMELY excited, if a little apprehensive too- I hope all is Ok and well! 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Natures Purest Bears for Bibs: Design a Bib for Charity Bear

Baby products company Natures Purest is calling on mums, dads, siblings and grandparents to get creative and design a bib for a special edition bear which will be sold in support of Bliss, the special care baby charity.

Budding artists can submit their design to be in with a chance of seeing it produced on a special edition charity Hug Me ‘Bear for Bliss’. The winner will also claim a £250 Natures Purest voucher!

A limited number of 300 bears will be produced with the chosen design and all profits from the special edition bears will go to Bliss, giving vital support and care to premature and sick babies in the UK.

The winning designer, as chosen by the Natures Purest’s Facebook fans, will also receive a £250 voucher to spend on their range of toys, bedding and clothing for babies made from 100% organically-grown cotton.

The special edition bears will go on sale next year to coincide with their launch of a new range of clothing for tiny babies.

Email for this application form!

For an entry form Email  with the subject ‘Bears for Bliss’ or call 0116 279 2901

So what are you waiting for people! Go get designing!

Entries close December 2nd.  A shortlist will then be added to Natures Purest facebook page for a public vote in December.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mummy & Little Me Champneys Springs Retreats

As my pregnancy has progressed, I've found myself becoming gradually more and more tired, heavy, achy, narkey and generally in need of a good pampering!

I'm acutely aware that soon I’ll no longer be able to see my feet, let alone give myself a manicure, assess the size of my tree trunk legs, let alone shave them, and yes while pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most incredible gifts from nature that you can experience, it can also be bloody hard work.

I cannot count the day’s I've got home from work, wishing I could be whisked away for a weekend of pampering bliss....

Well, If this sounds like you too, you’re going to love what I have to say!

Fancy a weekend away at a beautiful spa? A spa where the focus is on you and your baby? A spa retreat which is midwife led and allows you to be revitalised and relaxed while being surrounded by professionals?

Yep, me too, and this place does exist thanks to Mummy & Little Me Retreats, an essential pregnancy care and pampering break for you and your baby.
In conjunction with Champneys Springs in Leicestershire Mummy & Little Me bring you the best in essential pregnancy care and well-being all in one weekend. 

Included in your weekend is:
A one or two night stay in a superior twin room with a nutritious breakfast, lunch & dinner.
The full use of Champneys Springs Facilities
A one to one appointment with Alison Brown, their expert Midwife
A Full body pregnancy massage
Pregnancy care and childbirth classes
Feeding & Baby care classes
Hypo-birthing class
A Maternity photo shoot with a free photo included
A goodie bag with £75 worth of luxury gifts

It is essentially, the perfect spa weekend away for any expectant mum, where you can combine relaxation in gorgeous surroundings  with the opportunity to gain invaluable information about your pregnancy, birth and baby care from on site experts.

Pregnancy can be hard ladies, and this fabulous weekend is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered to continue your pregnancy armed with a whole host of knowledge (and a fabulous goody bag too may I say!)

 Mummy & Little Me Retreats are now taking bookings for Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th January 2014. Places are limited, so confirm now with a deposit of just £150. All prices are based on a superior twin room. The price per expectant mummy is £425.00. The price per friend sharing a room (not expecting) is £99 and this includes all their meals, dinner, breakfast and lunch and accommodation. Single Supplement £30.

For more information head over to the Mummy & Little website now. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bump Pic! 18 Weeks 1 Day!

Bump is continuing to grow at a good rate, I felt him/her move for the first time at 18 weeks exactly (Read about this HERE) and I'm feeling good, apart from a god awful break out of spots.

I'm talking, really bad, cystic acne.

I'm still sort of at the stage where I feel podgy and fat rather than pregnant, and that coupled with my AWFUL skin is making me feel extremely self conscious.

I know it's hormonal as I only ever get them on my chin, and it doesn't matter how good I eat or how thoroughly I cleanse, they keep appearing.

The cystic ones last for bloody AGES too!

I'm going to do a separate post on my battle with this hormonal chin acne when I can pluck up the courage to post a photo of it in all its awful 'glory'! 

Gah! Hormones have a LOT to answer for!

Monday, 18 November 2013

18 Weeks Pregnant and I Felt Baby B Move!

I was 18 weeks on Saturday 31st August and on that day, I felt what was definitely Baby B, move for the first time!


I was sat in a BMW garage, talking to a salesman with the hubby about buying a new car, and suddenly I was aware of ‘squggling’ going on in my tummy!

It lasted about 20 seconds and felt like something tickling my tummy, while moving around.

This time I KNEW it wasn’t gas or tummy gurgles, this went on for too long and the movements were so, peculiar, I just knew this was my baby!

I was however, in the middle of a conversation with this stranger so couldn’t just stop and shout ‘Oh my god I can feel my baby!’, so I calmly finished the conversation and once outside, rushed over to my hubby to hell him before calling my mum in excitement to tell her too!

They say you may be able to start to feel your baby from 18-20 week is if it is your first pregnancy and I had been so excited about feeling him/her move and knowing for sure it was them!

This was!

I didn’t feel him/her again until Sunday evening and then it was only a very quick, short movement, but it was just as amazing!

I still can’t believe I’m growing a little person in my tummy, it feels quite amazing.

I’d love to hear about when you first felt your baby move; where were you? What did it feel like? 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bump Pic! 17 Weeks 1 Day!

I totally forgot to get a pic for week 16, whoop! But hey, I'm only out by like 2 days so I'm sure there wouldn't be that much change!

Baby B  is apparently about 14cm from head to bum and 23cm head to toe, so still pretty small, but I'm still definitely growing and is more rounded now than last week!

Thankfully my sickness has all but gone now and I no longer need my anti sickness tablets which is a huge relief!

I'm finally starting to feel normal again, and that feels REALLY good, especially given my new found love of Pizza Express American Pizzas!

I can't get enough of these bad boys, so It's just as well the sickness has finally buggered off!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter

One of my biggest beauty concerns since becoming pregnant, is the emergence of stretch marks.

While considered by some as being and inevitable side effect of pregnancy, they are still something that I’d like to do my best to avoid!

Don’t get me wrong, I am already home to several slithery, silvery lines across my hips, due to weight gain and loss, but If possible I’d like to get away without having them strewn across my tummy, as although they fade with time, they never go.

 Prevention is always better than cure, so with that In mind I started my war against the stretch marks from about week 12, and my weapon of choice? Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter.

This cream is a decadently rich, non greasy, creamy butter that melts into your skin leaving it feeling incredibly soft and nourished while it’s fresh, slightly citrusy fragrance envelops your senses!

I have been using this twice a day religiously all over my bump and hips and its texture combined with its relaxing and fresh fragrance has on more than one occasion, seen me utter the sound  ‘aaaah’!

The butter helps to strengthen and retain your skins elasticity with the help of Omega 3,6,and 9, and as yet I haven’t seen a single mark emerge!

My one criticism is that it is only available in 120ml tubes- I slather this stuff all over me and would love a big juicy pot of it rather than a relatively small tube.

Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter costs £23 for 120ml and I think it’s worth its weight in gold!

Monday, 11 November 2013

16 Week Midwife Appointment

I have been so looking forward to this appointment as I'll be able to hear my baby's heart beat for the first time, hopefully!

After being asked to oblige with a urine sample and blood pressure test just to check all is ok, I hop onto the bed and wait to hear those precious beats!

The cold gel is smeared on my tummy and the midwife begins to look for the heartbeat.

My placenta is anterior (at the front of the uterine wall) so I didn't expect her to pick it up so fast, but there it was! Clear as a whistle! It was the BEST sound EVER!

All too soon it was over and the Midwife started to fill me in on what was going to happen from here.

She told me that at 25 weeks I should get in touch with my GP who would put me in touch with my local community midwives, who I would see for my future antenatal care up to and after the birth of my baby.

At 28 weeks I needed to come back for routine blood tests, and that on my way out I should book my 41 week appointment.

At that point I asked her to repeat what she had said as I thought I'd misheard her. 

'Yes dear, your 41 week appointment, book it on the way out. This is in case your baby is not here by then and we will induce you'.

Hold up, I thought. I'm only 16 weeks, so you're saying I won't see you now until either I'm giving birth, or being Induced?


WOW, Ok now I'm scared! I'm not even 1/2 way through my pregnancy and I've been told I wont be seeing another midwife at the hospital I'm due to have my baby in until I give birth!

Thankfully my mum clarified that I WOULD still be seeing a midwife, just in my case it would be a local, community one rather than having to visit the hospital every time!


Friday, 8 November 2013


So, I started off my pregnancy craving Wrigleys Juicy Fruit Gum (from about weeks 8-13), which I didn't feel too bad about as I didn't actually swallow or eat any of it.

This new craving is, however, FAR less waist friendly!

I've developed an insatiable taste for Pizza Express American Pizzas and this started around week 16!

I had 3 last week alone, and nothing else hits the spot quite like that Pizza!

Oh, and the shop bought Pizzas wont do- they have to be the ones made in the restaurants! This baby is proper fussy! Hehe!

Have any of you had any cravings? 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Elemis Skin Nourishing Bath Milk

One of the things I look forward to most of an evening, especially now we are coming into winter, is a lovely, warm soak in my bath.

There is no better way of leaving the stresses of the day behind than by sinking into the tub and feeling the warm water soothe your aching limbs and tired mind.


There is nothing better in my opinion.

Except wait, there is actually one thing better than that, and that’s a bath with Elemis’Skin Nourishing Milk.

This award winning product has a rich milk protein base of nourishing vitamins, amino acids and minerals with natural plant collagens that help to feed and nourish the skin while keeping it soft and supple.

Unlike some bubble baths that can be drying on your skin, this milk is extremely gentle and is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, so for me is perfect!

Did I mention it smells amazing? Think really soft, delicate baby powder. Mnnnnnn

This milk is the perfect treat for mums-to-be, soothing tight, itchy skin while you bathe and can even be used neat on dry patches and your bump!

Now, it costs £42 for a lovely big 400ml bottle, which may sound a lot, but it really is so worth the investment, especially if like me, bath time is something you cherish! 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mama Mio Clean Slate Cleanser

Ok so, I am currently still waiting for the glowing skin that they all say comes with being pregnant.

Since the day I found out I was expecting, I was especially excited at the prospect of my glowing and healthy skin. Alas, no doubt due to a little bad luck and to the huge amounts of hormones that are currently surging through my body, this has failed to happen and I am instead, looking a mess.

My skin is as greasy as hell and prone to both small whiteheads and large, sore under the skin cysts.

Thankfully, there is a brand that has come to my skins rescue, Mama Mio, a brand who believe in giving you fit skin for life and their cleanser, Clean Slate has been my best friend now for months!

 Clean Slate is a deep cleansing, SLS free, lightly foaming gel that feels like it kisses your skin clean!

It smells beautiful, botanical almost and never, ever leaves your skin feeling tight or dry thanks to its 5 eco-cert cleansers set in organic Aloe leaf juice with pre plus probiotics, firming proteins and moisturising omegas.

I cannot recommend this cleanser more highly!

It doesn't foam up or dry out your skin

 It was gentle on my sensitive skin, didn’t dry out or strip my skin of its natural oils and it didn’t irritate my already irritated and sore spots.

The smell was extremely fresh and relaxing and I almost feel like I’m being treated to a mini facial every time I use it!

Now, yes it does cost £22.50 for a 150ml bottle, BUT I have had mine for almost 3 months now and I still haven’t used it all, PLUS I’d have been prepared to pay so much more for a cleanser that actually worked and loved my skin back!

Mama Mio’s Clean Slate is available from their website. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bump Pic! 15 Weeks 6 Days

So le bump has officially popped, (a little!) !

Yes I do still have moments where I think I just look fat, but I'm starting to feel rather proud of my slightly protruding belly!

I decided that now is the time to start my battle against stretch marks, so I am religiously applying shed loads of moisturiser to my tummy and hips in the morning and evening. (Ok so its not that religiously and I do frequently forget it in the morning, but I'm working on it!)

Aveeno's Moisturising Creamy Oil is one of my favourite go-to products and I highly recommend it!

You can read my review of this little gem HERE. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

My First Baby Purchase from Not On The Highstreet

It is so tempting as soon as you get that confirmation that you’re pregnant, to want to go out and buy gorgeous baby stuff. At least it was for me!

I waited patiently until my 12 week scan before I finally gave in and bought my first ever baby item, and I love it!

Say hello to this gorgeous little item from Not On The Highstreet!

For those of you that have never heard of Not On The Highstreet, where have you been! This is by a long way, one of my all time favourite online stores!

It stocks a HUGE range of different items and brands and they stock the most amazing, unusual and unique gifts!

This yummy little body suit is from Simply Colors and is 100% customisable! You can chose the size, the style, if it has long or short sleeves, the colour and the print colour too! You can then have whatever text you want written on it across 3 lines!

As we won’t be finding out the gender of our baby, I went for a very neutral white suit with yellow writing and thought that ‘50% mummy, 50% daddy, 100% cute’ text was just too cute so had to have it!

I thought it was a real bargain too, to have a totally bespoke bodysuit for just £15.50!

Anyway, allow me to suggest you go and take a look at all Not On The Highstreet has to offer. It has TONNES of amazing baby brands on there too, so you (and your baby!) will be spoilt for choice! 

Baby on Board Badges: What's your Experience?

Baby On Board badges. You may or may not have seen these before depending on where in the country you reside.

They are badges that you can pick up from most train stations and when worn, allow other commuters to know that you are pregnant and may require a seat on a train if they are packed.

They are a fairly common sight in and around London and from 8 weeks pregnant, I've been wearing mine.
I had to really, what with severe morning  sickness, the motion of the train was setting off my vomiting something chronic, though many women probably wouldn't wear one until at least their 12 week scan or until such time as their bump becomes really prominent and heavy.

Now, wearing one of these does not guarantee that you’ll be offered a seat. Even from people sitting in the ‘Priority’ seats marked out as being priority for the elderly, pregnant or people in greater need of needing a seat.

I know that there are mixed feelings about women wearing these badges, but for me I have found it a god send, especially as my bump gets bigger, heavier and I find myself tired and achey.

It tells people that ‘No, I'm not just podgy, I'm carrying a child in my belly’, eliminating the risk of embarrassment if someone offers a seat to a woman, only for it to turn out that said woman is in fact, not pregnant. I've seen it happen before, it’s not pretty.

For the most part, people are very kind and have offered me a seat, for which I always make a point of showing how grateful I am with thanks and plenty of smiles. And by the end of a long working day, I really am extremely grateful for a seat.

But what I want to know is, do you/have you ever worn a BOB badge, and if so, what was your experience? Did people take notice or just ignore you?

What do you think about BOB badges? Are they a good idea?

On a similar point, there was a piece on the news just the other week about a heavily pregnant politician having to stand when in the House of Commons as there were no seats and seemingly, no one offered her theirs. The press were quick to jump on this, but what do you think? Do you think people should automatically jump up for a pregnant lady?

Some people were having debates saying it shouldn't be expected that people would just give up their seats for a pregnant lady, where as others argued that it is just common decency. What do you think?