Monday, 23 September 2013

9 Weeks: Resting At Home

So my Morning Sickness is changing. Some days I still feel like death, others, I think I feel somewhat, dare I say it, normal?

My GP signed me off for this week as I was feeling so unwell and was so exhausted and boy did I appreciate the rest without having to worry about work.

I mainly just pottered around the house and fed my face every few hours- sounds great but at this rate I'm going to be the size of a HOUSE.

I can't stomach meat, fruit or veg and am living on a diet of pasta, super noodles, crisps and carbs.

Bad times for my waist line but what can I do!

Little else to report this week really, just relishing some time to rest and hopefully, get myself on track again so I can get myself back to work next week!

Gah, and here I was thinking Pregnancy would be easy! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Love Boo Mummy Products Flash Sale!

Calling all Mummy’s and Mums-to-be!

 I've just heard that Skincare brand Love Boo have a 50% off flash sale on their Mummy products over on their website now!

Get your hands on their Super Stretchy Miracle Oil for just £7.99 rather than £15.99, or how about their Bosom Buddy cream for £9.49 rather than £18.99!

I don’t know how long the sale will last so head over there now to stock up fast!

Monday, 16 September 2013

8 Weeks: I Saw My Bean!

I'm so incredibly happy! On Saturday me and the Mr saw our little bean for the first time, and it was AMAZING!

I didn't know what to expect given that I've  never been pregnant before, but it was a lovely experience that was over just a little bit too quickly!

We were led into a large room, complete with sofas sporting pink and blue cushions (original) and I lay down on the chair-bed while gel was squidged on my swollen tummy.

Swollen due to suffering from constipation, gas and a VERY full bladder.

At this point I was terrified they wouldn't find anything, then all of a sudden, out of the abyss, I saw a circular black, circle like thing appear on the screen, and within it, the most beautiful, tiny bean, complete with tiny arm and leg buds and a strong, fast heartbeat!

I chocked, I'll admit it, but it was AMAZING!

There was something there, there was a teenie tiny baby in my belly and I felt a huge rush of emotions and love for this tiny person growing inside me.

So you're the little person causing me to feel so grim!

I had to hold my breath while the sonographer held the wand over my beans heart to check his/her heart rate as with each breath I took she lost the spot over the baby (He/she is super tiny right now after all!)

My bean's heart was pumping away at 175 beats per minute! Incredible.

Going by the first day of my last period I had been dated at 8+1 weeks the date of the scan, but the sonographer revealed that I was a few days ahead at 8+4 or 5 weeks, though that would probably change at the more accurate 12 weeks scan.

It was an amazing experience; So reassuring and incredible and I can't wait to see my little bean again in a few weeks! 

Friday, 13 September 2013

7 weeks & In Morning Sickness Hell

Ladies, I am in a whole WORLD of pain. I wake up feeling sick and I go to bed feeling sick. This is relentless.

It is so bad in fact, that I did the thing I didn't want to have to do for a while yet, and I told my boss at 7+3 weeks. I had to. If this sickness is going to continue, she needs to know rather than me making up excuse after excuse as to why I cant come to work.

I told her on a Monday morning after I had been off for 3 days the previous week. I claimed to have caught a bug on the flight home from my holiday, but I wanted to be honest and knew I would need the support of my work. So I bit the bullet and told her.

I'm so pleased that I did too, she was very kind and congratulated me and made me feel like I had her support going forward, which was a weight off my mind.

Turns out it's just as well I did tell her as by Wednesday I was greener than a cabbage and spent the rest of the week at home, off sick, again.

As miserable as I felt I had something in the back of my mind to keep me going. On Saturday, I had booked a private scan to see my little bean!

I have been feeling so dreadful and 12 weeks seems like such a long way away, and I desperately needed something to make me smile, and knew that seeing my little bean would perk me up!

I'm actually excited and scared in equal measures about the scan. I know it's stupid given my levels of sickness, but what if they don't find anything? What if there's nothing there and they say 'I'm terribly sorry, you're mistaken and actually just have a tummy bug.''

I'm sure that won't be the case, but I can hardly wait! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I Never Knew This! : Free Prescriptions In UK When You Are Pregnant!

I never knew that when you are pregnant, you are entitled to receive free NHS prescriptions in the UK!
That said, there’s no reason why I would know, I've never been pregnant before!

It was on one of my trips to my GP when  I was suffering with my morning sickness that I was told that if I filled in a form at reception, that I would received a NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate  in the post which I could use for the duration of my pregnancy and up until the baby is 1 year old!


You'll receive one of these in the post. I've removed my Certificate Number for privacy reasons!

Granted, that won’t be much use until after the baby is born as I hope to not need any prescription medication in my pregnancy, but for a year after is brilliant!

Yes, it’s the little things for me, but I never knew pregnant women were entitled to this, so in case you didn't either, now you do!

You can read more about the NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate Here.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Week 6: 2 Words You Hope You'll Never Need to Acquaint Yourself With: Morning Sickness

Today I'm 6+6 weeks and morning sickness has hit me like a steam train.

I truly object to it being called morning sickness though, as I feel sick morning, noon and night.

I read online that if you are going to experience morning sickness it will rear its head by the end of the 6 week mark.

As I approached this date I felt a little smug- I didn’t feel ill at all! I was on a lovely holiday with my family in Mallorca, soaking up some sun and have a lovely time, totally unaware of what was just around the corner.

Happy and sickness free on holiday. If only I knew what was just around the corner!

The nausea started out of the blue at 6+3 days. The day we travelled home. I nearly vomited in the taxi to the airport, at the airport, on the plane and in the car home. I had to use every single ounce of energy I had not to puke and it was horrendous!

I had the following day booked off work to recover from travelling back from holiday, which was just as well as I could barely move without heaving.

Mum took me to the local shop and I stocked up on plain crackers, mini cheddars and ginger biscuits.
I then spent the next 24 hours trying to deal with the relentless nausea.

I had hoped that perhaps it was sickness from the stress of travelling home the previous day, alas, no.

I woke up the next day and felt just as horrendous. I made it as far as the train station then had to turn around, come home and plant myself on the sofa.

This pattern continued and I went to my GP to ask for advice on combating sickness. She checked my blood pressure and urine, all OK, and signed me off for the rest of the week while recommending that then I went back to work, that I altered my working hours to avoid rush hour trains- thank god!

What I have found to help (slightly) so far are the following;

  Eat something small every 90 minutes or so

 Sip diet lemonade (not sure why this helps)

        Nibble on a ginger biscuit every now and then

Wearing my Sea Band Mama acupressure wrist bands (£8.50)

·    Keeping my Body Shop Satsuma EDT (£8.50) in my bag so if I feel unwell by a smell that’s surrounding me I can spritz it onto a tissue or my wrists and the fresh smell helps me feel better 
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