Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bump Pic! 31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks pregnant and I had my Baby Shower! 

(I’ll tell you all about this in a separate post and keep this weekly update as an update or it’ll be super long!)

What I will tell you is one of the lovely gifts I received at my Baby Shower was a pregnancy/birthing ball.

Its  basically an exercise ball and I'm in love! Sitting, standing or laying for any period of time, in any position has started to become really uncomfortable, but I can bounce away on my birthing ball for hours and Its so comfy.

My ball came with a leaflet recommending other ways you can use it and various positions that are comfortable to sit and get yourself into while pregnant, as well as positions which are best to help get baby into an optimum position for birth, and as Baby B is transverse, I've been doing these every evening!

With every week that goes by work is becoming more and more of a chore and around 3pm every day I am finding myself in need of a nap, as I sit at my desk feeling like a zombie that could drop off at any point!

I took Friday off work for this very reason, I’m so tired and run down and truly couldn't face another days worth of commuting this week. On the plus side, only 10 working days left before maternity leave!

Baby B moves constantly now and has the hiccups ALL THE TIME! Its cute, but can get really annoying when you’re trying to lay quietly and can just feel these re-occuring pulses in your tummy, which are getting pretty strong now!

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  1. Has baby B arrived? Is it a boy or a girl? You look pretty and fresh for someone with a huge bump. Pregnancy becomes you. I wish you a safe delivery. Do update us when baby has arrived and tell us about your Mummy experience. =) Elli @