Monday, 11 November 2013

16 Week Midwife Appointment

I have been so looking forward to this appointment as I'll be able to hear my baby's heart beat for the first time, hopefully!

After being asked to oblige with a urine sample and blood pressure test just to check all is ok, I hop onto the bed and wait to hear those precious beats!

The cold gel is smeared on my tummy and the midwife begins to look for the heartbeat.

My placenta is anterior (at the front of the uterine wall) so I didn't expect her to pick it up so fast, but there it was! Clear as a whistle! It was the BEST sound EVER!

All too soon it was over and the Midwife started to fill me in on what was going to happen from here.

She told me that at 25 weeks I should get in touch with my GP who would put me in touch with my local community midwives, who I would see for my future antenatal care up to and after the birth of my baby.

At 28 weeks I needed to come back for routine blood tests, and that on my way out I should book my 41 week appointment.

At that point I asked her to repeat what she had said as I thought I'd misheard her. 

'Yes dear, your 41 week appointment, book it on the way out. This is in case your baby is not here by then and we will induce you'.

Hold up, I thought. I'm only 16 weeks, so you're saying I won't see you now until either I'm giving birth, or being Induced?


WOW, Ok now I'm scared! I'm not even 1/2 way through my pregnancy and I've been told I wont be seeing another midwife at the hospital I'm due to have my baby in until I give birth!

Thankfully my mum clarified that I WOULD still be seeing a midwife, just in my case it would be a local, community one rather than having to visit the hospital every time!


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