Monday, 18 November 2013

18 Weeks Pregnant and I Felt Baby B Move!

I was 18 weeks on Saturday 31st August and on that day, I felt what was definitely Baby B, move for the first time!


I was sat in a BMW garage, talking to a salesman with the hubby about buying a new car, and suddenly I was aware of ‘squggling’ going on in my tummy!

It lasted about 20 seconds and felt like something tickling my tummy, while moving around.

This time I KNEW it wasn’t gas or tummy gurgles, this went on for too long and the movements were so, peculiar, I just knew this was my baby!

I was however, in the middle of a conversation with this stranger so couldn’t just stop and shout ‘Oh my god I can feel my baby!’, so I calmly finished the conversation and once outside, rushed over to my hubby to hell him before calling my mum in excitement to tell her too!

They say you may be able to start to feel your baby from 18-20 week is if it is your first pregnancy and I had been so excited about feeling him/her move and knowing for sure it was them!

This was!

I didn’t feel him/her again until Sunday evening and then it was only a very quick, short movement, but it was just as amazing!

I still can’t believe I’m growing a little person in my tummy, it feels quite amazing.

I’d love to hear about when you first felt your baby move; where were you? What did it feel like? 

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