Friday, 22 November 2013

Bump Pic! 19 Weeks!

I feel like Bump has really popped this week and become more rounded! I feel a bit more confident in the way I look now, as I think you can see I am ion fact pregnant, and not just podgy!

I haven’t felt Baby B moving very much since my first flutters last week, apart from one evening when I was laying down and felt what I thought was another flutter.

Thing is, I know that my placenta is anterior and because of that, it will be cushioning some of baby’s movement and kicks, so I may not feel proper movement for a few more weeks yet. Boo!

Skin is still pretty bad, though at the moment (touch wood) I haven’t had any more HUGE ones developing, I’m just working on trying to get rid of the ones that are still plaguing me!

It’s my 20 week scan next week and I am EXTREMELY excited, if a little apprehensive too- I hope all is Ok and well! 

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