Monday, 25 November 2013

The 20 Week Scan & 20 Week Bump Pic!

It finally arrived, the day for my 20 week scan and I was so excited I barely slept a wink the night before!

I was excited mainly, but also If I'm honest, I was pretty damn nervous too. By this point, the sonographer would be able to see if there were any real physical problems or abnormalities with our baby as they would be looking at EVERYTHING in such depth.

I Tried to put my nerves to one side and just be excited about seeing our baby again and see how much he/she has grown!

We've decided to not find out the gender, despite how much I'm desperate to know (I’m extremely impatient) so we were hoping we wouldn't see anything on the scan or that the sonographer wouldn't accident slip up and reveal the sex!

Baby B, doing his/her best to not get a decent shot!

We needn't have worried, and the scan was incredible.

Our baby looked like a proper baby and I was so shocked to see how much they had grown in just 8 weeks!

The scan was really thorough, they checked the function and positioning of the heart, including looking at the arteries in and out of the heart, they checked the stomach, kidneys, bladder and liver too. They measured the skull, the length of the baby and we even got to see it’s little feet, with it’s perfect toes! It was incredible, and everything looked just fine!

We came away on cloud nine and couldn't stop looking at the photo of our little baby, a photo which took almost as long as the appointment to get! Each time the sonographer tried to get a decent profile shot, the little blighter turned it’s head away! 

Guess it’s not a poseur like its mum then! 

In other news, bump is still growing nicely and is looking gradually more and more rounded!


  1. Ohh how exciting!! Halfway through your pregnancy!! Good luck with the second half x

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  3. Ah what a lovely picture! I'm a pregnancy massage therapist by day, so I get to see and massage lots of lovely bumps at different stages of pregnancy.

    Hope the pregnancy is going well, and now you've had your 20 weeks scan you can now enjoy the next 20 weeks :)


    Paula at Beauty Lover