Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Weeks 13-15

So, these past few weeks have all been a bit of a blur of sickness, resting and being bored at home.

Thankfully, by weeks 14 and 15 I'm FINALLY starting to feel a little better! Yes I still retch for pretty much no reason at almost any time, but I haven't been physically sick in a while and I seem to be able to control the nausea much better.

These past few weeks have been so horribly debilitating, I never imagined I could ever feel that ill!

Still no real bump at week 13 but by weeks 14 and 15 there is definitely something there! I'll pop a piccie in my next post!

Im really excited as next week we have our 16 week Midwife appointment and get to hopefully, hear our little ones heart beat!

I can't wait!

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