Monday, 14 October 2013

Anti Sickness Relief: Cyclizine

I’m not saying I’m a pill popper, but before I got pregnant If i had a headache I’d take a tablet. Ditto with a bit of a sore throat, niggly back, you get the picture.

Not only have I gone cold turkey with smoking, I’ve also done the same with any kind of medication, including pain killers.

It’s been fine, until now. In the midst’s of sever morning sickness I’ve realised that I’m not coping anymore and I may need a little help to get me back on my feet, so when my GP suggested I try an anti sickness drug called Cyclizine, I reluctantly agreed.

I took my prescription home and despite being assured by my GP that it was one of the safest (and mildest) anti sickness drugs to use in pregnancy, I wanted to do my own research.

According to Google, it seems that lots of women take Cyclizine and have no problems, though it doesn’t appear to work for everyone all the time.

I spoke to my hubby and we agreed that as I was 11 weeks now (and was told by the GP that taking this medication after 8 weeks is even safer) that I would give it a go. I had to, I was a mess.

I only had 2 tablets a day, 12 hours apart, and while I still felt nauseaus, I stopped being sick so often, which was a blessed relief.

I was told to take them whenever I felt I needed them, so that’s what I did and personally I’m really glad I chose to take them as I feel they helped me get back on my feet a little.

Obviously, the decision as to whether to take medication in pregnancy is entirely down to the individual, and If I wasn’t so unwell I’d have liked to have been able to steer clear, alas, I did what was right for me at the time.

Have any of you suffered terribly with morning sickness? How did you cope? What are your thoughts on taking medication during pregnancy? 

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  1. Nice to hear Cyclizine help you. I remember at 11 weeks, I had severe nausea which led to me throwing up blood and ending p in the hospital. I was given Cyclizine via drip ( so I don't vomit it )and my goodness I have to say, it was the worse experience I ever had after taking a drug. I began shivering none stop for almost 20mins my arm swelled up and I was seeing starts. When I finally recovered I was told I may be allergic.