Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bump Pic! 14 weeks 6 days

Here's my bump at 14 weeks 6 days!

It feels really high and I'm still quite self conscious as feel that I just look fat rather than pregnant at the moment. I'm assured that isn't the case, but still!

I've started to grow out of most of my old clothes so decided to remove all of the snug, offending items from my wardrobe and to instead, replace them with comfier, bigger clothes.

Out of sight they can no longer mock me!

Now I can see a bump, I find myself cradling and holding it rather a lot, none more so then when packed onto a crammed tube!

I have a Baby on Board Badge, which thankfully means that people tend to offer me their seat, but I doubt I need it as I spent so much of my time on the train holding my belly! It must be pretty obvious!

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