Monday, 14 October 2013

Week 11: In A Nutshell...

This post will be brief as otherwise it’ll be dull as hell.

In a nutshell, still super sick. Still taking my anti sickness medication. Still feeling miserable.

When. Will. This. End!?

Next week perhaps I though, at around the 12 week mark.

‘’Oh no that’s a fallacy, its often more like 16 weeks and sometimes, women can suffer throughout the duration of their pregnancy’’ says my GP to I. I go home and sob ‘’please don’t let that be me, please let me be cured by next week!’’ through my heaving.

In case you can' picture what a REALLY morning sick person looks like. Here's me. Cant believe I've just shared this photo with the internet. Oh dear. 

Bad times. Hopeful for a miracle to relieve me of this current situation! 

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