Monday, 21 October 2013

12 Weeks Pregnant and EVERYTHING Smells!

So, I had heard that in pregnancy a women’s sense of smell can change and heighten.

No shit! I can smell EVERYTHING and everything makes me want to vom!

I’ve been driving my hubby mad with this symptom, declaring as I walk into every room of the house that ‘It smells horrendous in here!’, when he claims it doesn't smell at all!

My poor pooch has been somewhat neglected due to my super sense as I cannot bear to get too close to his dog breath or doggy smell.

The fridge just smells horrendous! I have to hold my breath every time I need to get something from it and I swear I can even smell the dirt on our carpet!

One particularly bad day, while laying in bed feeling miserable I caught whiff of a smell that set me off gagging terribly.

What was that smell? Me.

Yep, me. I gingerly lent over to smell my arm and immediately felt myself gagging.

My god I cannot even stand the smell of me! For a few days I actually had to shower several times a day to stop myself from gagging at myself!

This pregnancy malarkey is hard work, and often totally bonkers! Who gags at their own natural smell! Weird.

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  1. Omg my sense of smell is ridiculous and hasn't died down in the slightest! X