Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The 12 Week Scan: I Saw My Baby!

I saw my baby again! My amazing little baby that no longer looks like a jelly bean but an actual, teenie tiny little person!

Waiting nervously and excitedly for the sonographer to collect us from the waiting room, I survey the other women waiting to be scanned, all with varying bump sizes, but all with the same excited smiles on their faces.
Walking into the little room I lay down on the chair and look up at the screen in front of me.

Argh I’m going to see my baby again!

A blob of cold gel is put onto my belly, bloated from drinking so much water before the scan and the cold scanning instrument is pushed onto my tummy. (You are asked to drink about a pint and a half at least 20 mins before being scanned)

‘’I’m just going to take a look and then I’ll turn the screen on for you,’’ she says.

That as the longest 15 seconds of my life!

What if they don’t find anything? What is Baby B isn’t ok?

I’m nervous.

After what feels like a lifetime the screen flickers to life and I see our baby.

Our baby is beautiful and bouncing around inside me like I’m some sort of trampoline! He/she has their leg extended in the air the entire time, much to my amusement, and I watch in awe as the sonographer does all the checks she needs to do.

I’m shown my babys heartbeat and told that the nuchal translucency (the collection of fluid behind the babys head which can be an indicator of downs syndrome) is small in measurement (which is good), that all looks as it should and I’m actually 12+4 days pregnant rather than 12+1.

Baby B at 12 weeks 4 days

My due date is now February 1st!

I'm then asked to have some routine blood tests done, Including one to determine the chances of my baby having downs syndrome.

On the way out we book our 16 week appointment with the Midwife and the 20 week scan with the sonographer. It feels like so far away! How am I going to wait another 8 weeks to see my baby again!

Gah this pregnancy malarkey is testing, especially for a super impatient person!


  1. Aww! How fantastic!! Exciting times for you x

  2. Aaah so cute!! I was so nervous but excited at our scans but it's such an amazing thing isn't it! Xx