Monday, 2 September 2013

Week 6: 2 Words You Hope You'll Never Need to Acquaint Yourself With: Morning Sickness

Today I'm 6+6 weeks and morning sickness has hit me like a steam train.

I truly object to it being called morning sickness though, as I feel sick morning, noon and night.

I read online that if you are going to experience morning sickness it will rear its head by the end of the 6 week mark.

As I approached this date I felt a little smug- I didn’t feel ill at all! I was on a lovely holiday with my family in Mallorca, soaking up some sun and have a lovely time, totally unaware of what was just around the corner.

Happy and sickness free on holiday. If only I knew what was just around the corner!

The nausea started out of the blue at 6+3 days. The day we travelled home. I nearly vomited in the taxi to the airport, at the airport, on the plane and in the car home. I had to use every single ounce of energy I had not to puke and it was horrendous!

I had the following day booked off work to recover from travelling back from holiday, which was just as well as I could barely move without heaving.

Mum took me to the local shop and I stocked up on plain crackers, mini cheddars and ginger biscuits.
I then spent the next 24 hours trying to deal with the relentless nausea.

I had hoped that perhaps it was sickness from the stress of travelling home the previous day, alas, no.

I woke up the next day and felt just as horrendous. I made it as far as the train station then had to turn around, come home and plant myself on the sofa.

This pattern continued and I went to my GP to ask for advice on combating sickness. She checked my blood pressure and urine, all OK, and signed me off for the rest of the week while recommending that then I went back to work, that I altered my working hours to avoid rush hour trains- thank god!

What I have found to help (slightly) so far are the following;

  Eat something small every 90 minutes or so

 Sip diet lemonade (not sure why this helps)

        Nibble on a ginger biscuit every now and then

Wearing my Sea Band Mama acupressure wrist bands (£8.50)

·    Keeping my Body Shop Satsuma EDT (£8.50) in my bag so if I feel unwell by a smell that’s surrounding me I can spritz it onto a tissue or my wrists and the fresh smell helps me feel better 
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  1. Hope the sickness passes soon....I had morning sickness all day from about 6 weeks till I was about 12 weeks along...Horrible!!
    Ginger nuts and lemonade helped ease it a bit for me too...Sucking mints helped too :) x

  2. I had mine right up to 10-11 weeks and lemonade was my savour as well, but I don't know why? Fingers crossed its a phase that will soon go x

    1. Ha weird isnt it! Thank god for Lemonade! x