Monday, 12 August 2013

We're Having A Baby!

After 6  months of trying, On Sunday 26th May 2013 we finally got the news we had waited what felt like an lifetime for!

I had actually tested the previous, got a BFN (Big Fat Negative), had a huge breakdown, declared we were going to go private and chain smoked for the entire day.

I woke up on Sunday and something made me think that perhaps I should test. I'd run out of my cheap pregnancy tests (from peeing on all of them for the past 6 months to no avail) and only had my ovulation sticks and two Clear Blue Digital Tests to hand.

Clearly I didn't want to use my expensive, digital tests as I wasn't ready to see another horrible  NOT PREGNANT flash up at me, so I decided to use my ovulation sticks.

I'd heard from some forum that if you are pregnant, you will get a positive reading on an ovulation predictor stick as it registers a surge in hormones (granted not the same as when you ovulate, but hormones none the less) so decided that in the absence of any other cheapie test I'd try that.

I waited to look at the result, completely expecting to see just the one line, only I saw two.

I held my breath and raced down the stairs to find my hubby who was busy in the garden. I explained about the ovulation test and that it could mean I am pregnant, but that I wanted to google more about it first before I wasted a digital test.

Very calmly he said 'Ok then'- I guess he's been used to me being neurotic month after month and just thought it was best to leave me to it!

I googled several articles and read about other women who had gone on to get their BFP (Big fat positive) after a positive ovulation stick and thought 'Right, well I'm going to have to go and try one now arent I!'

I raced up the stairs, grabbed my Clear blue digital twin pack and raced to the bathroom.

I did what I needed to do then sat looking at the screen of the test. I knew from when I've tested before that a little hourglass should be spinning to show the test is working, but I was confronted with nothing. Just a blank, grey space.

'Oh bugger, the bloody test is a dud!' I realised!

With my heart pounding I knew I'd have to try my last test, but now I didn't need a wee!

GAH why couldn't this just be quick and simple! Talk about prolonging my pain!

Some time later I was able to do what I needed to do again and sat on my bed while awaiting what I thought to be the inevitable outcome, NOT PREGNANT.

Several minutes later my hubby called from downstairs making me jump. I grabbed the test of the bedside table and charged out of the door to find him, glancing down at the test as I went.

I almost fell down the stairs at this point, as right there, clear as day read 'Pregnant 1-2'.

So, after 6 months we finally got the BFP we'd been waiting for and spent the rest of the bank holiday weekend in a blissfully happy daze with the impact of how this is such a life changing moment, not quite sinking in, yet desperately excited and nervous to begin the next chapter of our lives and this amazing journey! 


  1. A huge congratulations to you. Wishing you all the very best in the months ahead. I am sure you will find it the most amazing journey. Cxxx

  2. omg, congratulations honey. I'm so pleased for you xo

  3. Aww what a lovely preggo story :-) congratulations! X