Friday, 16 August 2013

4 & A Bit weeks: Re-testing!

So It's been nearly a week since I got my big fat positive and I've already re-tested about 6 times... Just to make sure...

I can't help it! I got my BFP 3 days before my period was due, so naturally I HAD to test again on the day it was meant to arrive, just to make sure.

I then also had to test several days later, just to make sure again.

Sure, I've got some pretty strong symptoms, such as super painful boobs that let me know pretty much all of the time that I have loads of new hormones flying round my system, but without having had a scan and without having a bump, how can you really know there's a little person in there!

I do need to stop though, at £12 for 2 digital tests its getting 'spensive!

I was chuffed to see on last night's test that it now shows PREGNANT 2-3 rather than 1-2, which reassured me that things were currently progressing OK and I promise that I will stop testing soon! (Maybe...)

Am I the only one or did/do any of you do the same?!

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