Thursday, 13 March 2014

WaterWipes Review

One of my purchases from the Baby Show last October were some baby wipes called WaterWipes.

Suitable from birth, all you’ll find in these wipes is 99.9% purified water and Citrus Grandis seed extract, aka grapefruit seed extract.

I wasn’t THAT impressed, I mean, how excited can you really get about baby wipes, but that was until I was shown the list of ingredients included in all other wipes, even sensitive ones.

Chemicals such as;

Parabens:  chemically manufactured preservative

Lanolin: grease from animal fur

Phtalates; Chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break

Benzoates:  Chemically made preservatives

Tricolsan: A cancer causing  antimicrobial agent



And many, many more chemicals.

Given that you are recommended to use only cooled boiled water and cotton wool to cleanse your newborn baby’s skin, I was horrified to find out that baby wipes, something you would use on your baby’s skin with every nappy change, contain such horrible chemicals and irritants!

I wouldn’t want these chemicals on my skin, let alone my delicate newborns!

Needless to say I ordered a huge batch there and then, and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve used  WaterWipes on Franky from day 1 and he’s never had so much as a hint of pink on his bum. No soreness or irritation, nothing. In fact, they’re so good, maternity wards and Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the UK and Ireland have started using WaterWipes and recommending them to parents!

You don’t get a much better endorsement than that!

The natural baby wipes are scentless,gentle and soft to touch and I would recommend these to every new mum.

They work just as well and are just as effective as other leading brand wipes but without all the horrible chemicals.

Using these multi award winning wipes is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned!

You can buy WaterWipes from Boots or Amazon and cost approximately £2.49 for a pack of 60.

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