Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Theraline The Original Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

There aren’t many products out there that I would say that you really need in pregnancy.

Sure, there are lots that are nice to have, like lovely yummy lotions and potions, new clothes, a nice new set of comfy PJ’s etc, but this product I really would recommend as a must have.

Theraline’s Original pregnancy and nursing pillow has been by my side every night since around 20 weeks. It’s become my best friend and without it, I’d be totally lost.

Did I mention this pillow can also be used once your little one arrives to help make nursing more comfy?

Oh yes, this pillow has more than one use!

The pillow itself is made up of millions of tiny, feather light micro beads which help to make the pillow malleable and allows it to conform to the shape of your body, whatever position you’re in.

Because it’s full of beads, it won’t ‘deflate’ after you've been laying on it for a while, or need plumping up like regular pillows can which would disturb your sleep and become really annoying.

Instead, it retains a constant level of support.

I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn't be able to get comfy in bed now without it.

It gives my bump, hips and legs the support that they really need and I have found, also stops me from rolling onto my back too much in my sleep, a position which isn't recommended due to the weight of baby resting on your stomach.

I place my pillow on its side, lay behind it, wrap my legs around one end of the pillow, rest my bump on the middle and snuggle into it. The relief I feel getting into bed and relaxing with this pillow is immeasurable!

I chose the pretty Little Yellow Flowers design for my pillow, but Theraline have a range of different designs and colours available, all of which are anti-allergenic, warm and breathable.

Now obviously, as Baby B isn’t here just yet, I can’t comment on its use as a nursing pillow, but rest assured as soon as I can, I’ll update!

Theraline’s range of pregnancy and nursing pillows are available from their website and cost £44.95 each.

(It’ll be the best £45 you’ll spend in a long time, I promise you!)

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