Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bump Pic! 29 Weeks!

Me and Mr B treated ourselves this weekend and made a trip to Bluewater shopping centre in Kent for a mooch and to see the film Gravity.

The main reason for going was to buy me a new pair of boots, as my feet have got really fat and swollen and I'm struggling to fit my ever expanding trotters into my current boots!

After a shout out on Twitter asking for advice on comfy boots, I was sold on the idea of investing in some Ugg boots.

I say 'Investing' but rather Mr B agreed to purchase these as my crimbo present! (Thanks again!)

I opted for this rather lovely pair, In case you were wondering!

Ugg, Josette

The film Gravity was good too, though I don't think Baby B was a big fan of all the loud noises as he/she squirmed their way through pretty much the whole film, with me needing to take about 4 toilet breaks throughout too!

I will look forward to not having to pee every 20 minutes I have to say!

As for Baby B, I feel him/her move all the time now, especially on my commute to work, which never fails to make me smile!

Me and Mr B sleep in separate rooms now too- between my giant pregnancy pillow and getting up every hour to pee, we thought It was best for both our sanity, to try sleeping separately.

This was at least he has a chance of getting a decent nights sleep! It does feel weird though, saying goodnight and going into different rooms!

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